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I have a few different rec lists, so here is a handy-dandy post linking you to all of them. Be warned, I am a huge fan of smut and almost all of my recs are rated R or NC-17, so if you are looking for lower-rated fics, this is not the place for you. This is also almost exclusively slash pairings, though every once in awhile a het pairing manages to sneak its way in there.

I've recently started dabbling in fanfic writing, so if you're interested, you can find that HERE.

If you are curious about my likes/dislikes/preferences in fic because you want to make me something (or because you're just nosy), you can find those HERE.

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If any of the links are broken, please let me know!

Harry Potter Fandom
Harry/Draco Rec Masterlist
Harry Potter Rec Masterlist (multiple non-H/D pairings)
Art Recs

Teen Wolf Fandom
Derek/Stiles Rec Masterlist
Teen Wolf Rec Masterlist (multiple non-Sterek pairings)

Other Fandoms
The Avengers Recs (multiple pairings, mostly Steve/Tony)
Check, Please! Recs (multiple slash pairings, mostly Eric/Jack)
The Dresden Files (all Harry/John)
Heroes Recs (multiple slash pairings, mostly Peter/Nathan)
The Hobbit Recs (all Bilbo/Thorin)
Hunger Games Recs (multiple pairings, mostly Katniss/Peeta)
Inception Recs (all Arthur/Eames)
James Bond Recs (all Bond/Q)
Kingsman Recs (all Eggsy/Harry)
Lord of the Rings Recs (multiple slash pairings)
Merlin Recs (multiple slash pairings, mostly Arthur/Merlin)
Percy Jackson Recs (multiple slash pairings)
The Raven Cycle Recs (all Adam/Ronan)
Shadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments Recs (multiple slash pairings, mostly Alec/Magnus)
Sherlock (BBC) Recs (all John/Sherlock)
Smallville Recs (all Clark/Lex)
A Song of Ice and Fire Recs (multiple pairings)
Spartacus Recs (all Agron/Nasir)
Star Trek (AOS) Recs (all Kirk/Spock)
Starfighter Fic Recs (multiple slash pairings, mostly Abel/Cain)
Thor Recs (all Loki/Thor)
The Vampire Diaries Recs (all Alaric/Damon)
X-Men Recs (all Charles/Erik)
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31 October 2015 @ 10:00 am
I was sick at the beginning of the month, which mean I had two days with nothing to do but read fic! I took the opportunity to finally read a few of the fics that had been on my to-read list for ages. It was both wonderful and immensely satisfying! Here are some of my favorites from the month in a bunch of different fandoms. :D

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Title: All It Does Is Rain Series (2 Fics)
Author: [ profile] theladyingrey42 | favicon theladyingrey42
Pairings: Steve/Tony
Rating: NC-17 overall
Word Count: 19,909 total
Content/Notes first time, bottom!steve
Summary: In which the Avengers rebuild their home, superheroes are more than just the things that made them super, and communication is hard.
Sweet little series with a wonderful Steve and Tony. I liked that the two fics are from different POVs, so we really get inside the character's heads. Great characterizations, and a lovely connection between these two.

Title: A Cure For Boredom
Author: favicon emmagrant01
Pairing: Sherlock/John, John/OMC, John/OFC, John/OFC/OFC, John/OMC/OFC (Please note that Sherlock is present for all of the interactions between John and the OCs)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 81,665
Content/Warnings: switching, bottom!john, bottom!sherlock, light D/s, dom!sherlock, sub!john, threesome (m/m/f and f/m/f), light bondage, blindfolds, first time, sort of open relationship, rimming, dirty talk, double penetration (female), voyeurism, exhibitionism, public!sex
Summary: They'd never talked about sex in the year they'd known each other. Well, that wasn't quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions.
I must say that I'm normally not a big fan of threesome/polyamory/open relationship type fics, so I was really unsure bout this one going into it. But, like everybody had assured me, it was brilliant. This is quite *my* Sherlock and John, but I loved them nonetheless. I adored the relationship between Sherlock and John here, the love and trust, and fear and uncertainty of the other's feelings. The sex scenes were smoking hot, but even hotter was how in control of everything Sherlock was. Even though most of the fic is John getting off with other people, Sherlock is an undeniable presence throughout the fic. I thought the ending was great, and very fitting for this Sherlock and John.

Title: Superman For Sale
Author: favicon dm_wyatt
Pairing(s): Clark/Lex, mention of past Clark/OMC and Clark/Lois
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 80,830
Content/Notes: post-rift, future!fic, magic, dub-con, bonding!fic, bottom!clark
Summary: Clark goes missing and Lex tries to figure out why. He ends up "buying" Superman from a kidnapper, who had put him under a spell... Things don't go quite as planned.
Really interesting read! Definitely a little mushy in places and not always the most sophisticated, but I really enjoyed the plot, and I loved Clark and Lex's connection.

Title: Our Days of Blood and Sunset
Author: [ profile] aldiara | favicon aldiara
Pairing: Agron/Nasir
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,130
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!nasir, disability!fic (sort of)
Summary: Nasir knows he should not be angry at someone he’d thought lost forever, someone he loves this much who has been hurt this badly; but he can’t help it, either.
Really beautifully written fic that deals with Nasir's understandably complex feelings about Agron's unexpected return from the dead. It all felt so realistic and believable, and it was really wonderful watching both Nasir and Agron deal with the aftermath of Agron's decision, and seeing them work their way back together.

Title: steal me and shield me (Part 7 of the Of Magic and Monsters Series)
Author: favicon venomedveins
Pairing: Agron/Nasir, other background/past pairings
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 22,051 of 155,638 total
Content/Warnings: AU: Fairy Tale & Fantasy, creature!fic, magic!nasir, werewolf!agron, arranged marriage, rough sex, bottom!nasir, MPREG
Summary: Agron and Nasir are in a race against time as the Wolf Festival approaches and Gerulf's plan begins to be revealed.
Wonderful addition! I liked seeing the Geroff thread wrapped up, but given the introduction of the"Roman" vampires, there is still plenty more to overcome! Super hot, and I adored all of the lovely Nagron moments.
20 October 2015 @ 10:00 am
Several months ago I started thinking about my favorite fanfics. Obviously my rec lists are basically just lists of my favorite fics, but even among those, I have my favorites. The ones I read again and again, the ones I read when I need comfort, or want to feel some gut-punch feels, or want to roll around in the meant-to-be love. I decided that it was necessary to come up with a list of my most favorite of fics across all of the fandoms I read in. This was poor decision on my part. Six months later and I've finally finished, and narrowing things down was a bit more harrowing than anticipated. I ended up with almost as many fics on the honorable mentions list as I did on the Actual list, but some things can't be helped. I figured getting this up for Rectober was an admirable goal, and I'm happy I managed to get this done.

The more I've read in a fandom, the more difficult it was to narrow down, so I had an especially hard time with Harry Potter and Teen Wolf in particular. I tried to narrow it down by only letting myself chose one from a category (one creature!fic, one post-hogwarts era, etc). It was hard. Also, keep in mind that these are 100% personal opinion and totally subjective. I like what I like.

So, here they are, Grace's 25 most-favorite fics! AKA What I would bring to read on a desert island. :D

My Favorite Fanfic )

Honorable Mentions )
01 August 2015 @ 10:00 am
Once again, I sort of bounced all over the place this month in terms of my fandom reading. :D

Title: Toasted Buns
Author: [ profile] copperbadge and favicon scifigrl47
Pairings: Steve/Tony
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 47,044
Content/Warnings: switching, bottom!steve, bottom!tony, hotel!sex, first time
Summary: After seeing Tony naked and tanned -- all over -- in a decontamination shower, Steve realizes he may be in trouble. Tony, meanwhile, is definitely in trouble over those tabloid pictures of him sunbathing nude. The solution is clearly a tropical island getaway.
Oh such a fun and sexy fic! I loved Steve and Tony's relationship in this, and the sex was smoking hot!

Title: Snowmelt (A deleted scene from Chapter 38 of Sansûkh)
Author: favicon determamfidd
Pairing: Gimli/Legolas
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8,863
Content/Warnings: established relationship
Summary: For the first time since Edoras, Gimli and Legolas are alone. The battle of the Pelennor Fields has been won. They have an entire suite to themselves in the guest wing of the citadel of Minas Tirith.
And there is a bath.
Such a wonderfully hot and sweet Sansûkh outtake with Gimli and Legolas getting it on for the first time. [This is a "Deleted Scene" from Sansûkh, which is an amazing Thilbo & Gigolas WIP that I highly recommend. I think you'd probably be okay to read this fic without having read Sansûkh, but it'll make a bit more sense if you read the main fic first.]

Title: Post-Game Celebration
Author: favicon razielim
Pairing(s): Jason/Percy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,236
Content/Warnings: AU: High School, underage, first time, bottom!percy, semi-public!sex
Summary: Jason finds Percy after the game and offers him some help, but he wants some help in return.
Super hot High School AU with Footballer Jason fucking cheerleader Percy in the locker room after the game! :D

Title: The Only Time I Miss You Is Every Single Day
Author: favicon Zee
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,469
Content/Warnings: breakup!fic, future!fic, bottom!ronan, outdoor!sex
Summary: After Adam and Ronan have gotten together and then broken up, Ronan visits Adam at college.
Lovely, bittersweet fic with Adam and Ronan having broken up in the past, and trying to make things work again. Great ending.

Title: Ice
Author: favicon Molly
Pairing(s): Clark/Lex
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 8,346
Content/Notes: underage, first time, forced proximity, barn!sex
Summary: In which Lex almost dies, Clark almost saves him, and there is almost (but not quite) too much schmoop.
Super sweet and sexy fic with and adorable Clark and a fabulously characterized Lex.

Title: it's shaking the sky and i'm following lightening (part 5 of the Of Magic and Monsters Series)
Author: favicon venomedveins
Pairing: Agron/Nasir, background Pietros/OMC, Auctus/Duro, Crixus/Naevia, Mira/Spartacus, implied Pietros/Barca, past Agron/Duro, mention of past Agron/OCs and Nasir/OMCs
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,271
Content/Warnings: AU: Fairy Tale & Fantasy, creature!fic, magic!nasir, werewolf!agron, arranged marriage, rough sex, bottom!nasir, MPREG, dream!sex, mention of past sibling incest
Summary: Agron has left for war, but Nasir is now fighting a war at home too. Who is really the hero and who is really the villain?
Awesome update to a fabulous series! Things are starting to get more intense here, and the tension continues to mount. I adore this world the author is creating, and both Agron and Nasir are really wonderfully characterized. (Also, a note about the past Agron/Duro, because that's not generally my thing, but it's all non-explicit and in the past. It does play a part in the story, but this is very much a Nasir/Agron fic.)

Title: Is Forever Enough
Author: favicon GotTheSilver
Pairings: Derek/Stiles, background Scott/Allison, Cora/Lydia
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,836
Content/Notes: AU: Werewolves Exist, arranged marriage
Summary: Arranged Marriage AU.
Really wonderful Arranged Marriage AU, with some great chemistry between Stiles and Derek. Just lovely.

Title: In the Long Run
Author: faviconblacktofade
Pairing(s): Scott/Stiles
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 12,501
Content/Warnings: AU: No Werewolves, wing!fic, bottom!stiles
Summary: Scott first meets his guardian angel, Stiles, when he's six and playing in a sandbox at the park.
Really wonderful AU that still manages to perfectly capture that awesome essence of Stiles and Scott's friendship. And then seeing that friendship evolve into something deeper was just lovely.
28 June 2015 @ 10:00 am
I read a little bit in a lot of fandoms in June! :D

Title: Watch Over Me
Author: favicon keelywolfe
Pairing: Bilbo/Thorin
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,928
Content/Warnings: established relationship, outdoor!sex
Summary: Keeping watch at night whilst on the road is quite an important task. Though perhaps it should have been specified precisely what should be watched.
Oh this is just too hot and sweet. Love the little glimpse of their relationship here on the road to Erebor.

Title: Don't Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Author: favicon blacktofade
Pairing: Harry/Eggsy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,957
Content/Warnings: daddy!kink, praise!kink, light D/s, semi-public!sex, implied bottom!eggsy
Summary: It doesn’t slip out on purpose. He’s three sheets to the wind, celebrating his twenty-fourth birthday after returning from a recon mission in Sri Lanka, which means he’s jet lagged, too, and anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. His mum’s on the other side of the room talking to Roxy for God’s sake. If he’d meant to say it, he would have waited for a more appropriate moment.
Though, he’s not sure there will ever be an appropriate moment for accidentally calling Harry daddy.
Super sexy daddy!kink fic.

Title: Vanilla
Author: favicon coffeeinallcaps
Pairing: Harry/Eggsy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,283
Content/Warnings: AU: Harry Lives, established relationship, switching, bottom!eggsy, bottom!harry, dirty talk, massage!fic, sex toys, semi-public!sex
Summary: Eggsy laughs breathlessly. He looks up at Harry--eyes bright, lips wet and puffy--and says, "Can't believe you been denying me this for so long."
Harry touches his thumb to Eggsy's cheekbone, watches Eggsy lean into the touch a little, and thinks, me neither.
In which Harry and Eggsy keep trying (and failing) to have vanilla sex.
God this fic! So freaking hot and sweet. Loved it.

Title: Breathless (A Tale of Eggsy Unwin)
Author: favicon xxjinchuurikixx
Pairing: Harry/Eggsy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 101,936
Content/Warnings: AU: Harry Lives, first time, dirty talk, bottom!eggsy, light spanking, rough sex, barebacking, rimming
Summary: In which Harry Hart returns to confuse the shit out of Eggsy, and make his life a bit of rough.
Really wonderful Harry Lives AU that deals with the aftermath of the movie and Harry living through his ordeal. There's lots of delicious angsty pining as Harry refuses to give into his feelings for Eggsy and Eggsy is so gone on Harry he just doesn't know what to do. But the payout is so worth it, and the sex is crazy hot! :)

Title: These Inconvenient Fireworks and timestamp probably gonna sin again (must join community for access)
Author: [ profile] mdasch & [ profile] everydayslike
Pairing(s): Harry/Louis, Zayn/Liam, mention of past Louis/OMCs
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~190,000
Content/Warnings: AU: Modern, teacher!louis, teacher!zayn, teacher!niall, fireman!liam, photographer!harry, switching, bottom!harry, bottom!louis, bottom!zayn, first time, rimming, office!sex, semi-public!sex, some light cross-dressing, panty!kink, implied bottom!liam
Summary: Future AU in which nobody tries out for X Factor but the boys end up finding one other eventually anyway. Louis is a jaded bastard who owns a cat named Duchess and teaches drama to teenagers, Harry is an idealistic aspiring photographer/part-time footy coach, Zayn teaches English lit and wears leather jackets, Liam saves people from burning buildings, and Niall is Niall.
So I'm not really a big 1D fan, nor am I all that enthusiastic about bandom fics, just because I find it harder to care about RL people in a shipping sense. But [ profile] anemonen recced this, and it was an AU, so I figured I'd give it a go. I really enjoyed it! It's told primarily from Louis's POV with Zayn's POV tossed in for good measure. I really liked the characterizations and the friendships between all the boys, and how their relationships grew and evolved. I really liked that the two main relationships here were really very different, and if never felt repetitive or boring. The fic is mostly Louis/Harry as far as explicit interaction goes, though Zayn/Liam does get some screen time. I will say that the "misunderstanding because of a lack of communication" trope was almost overdone for me, but I think it was resolved just in the nick of time. Overall, I seriously hot, enjoyable read. [Also highly recommend the timestamp from Liam's POV, adorable and super sexy.]

Title: who's gonna ride your wild horses
Author: favicon darkrosaleen
Pairing: Gansey/Ronan, Declan/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 14,587
Content/Warnings: sibling incest, light D/s, bottom!ronan, praise!kink
Summary: It didn’t seem fair that Declan was the one Ronan needed and Gansey was the one Ronan had.
Really gorgeous fic that does such a beautiful job with Ronan and showing where his head might be at with Declan and Gansey. Loved it.

Title: Let It Snow
Author: [ profile] debchan | favicon debit
Pairing(s): Clark/Lex
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 2,571
Content/Warnings: car!sex, implied bottom!clark
Summary: Not a holiday story. Just two guys trapped in a car in the snow. Cliche fic all the way.
Great "cuddling for warmth" fic. :D

Title: The Sound of Icicles Falling
Author: [ profile] thamiris
Pairing(s): Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,739
Content/Warnings: holiday!fic
Summary: Clark introduces Lex to a Smallville Christmas tradition. Virgin sacrifice never looked so good.
Lovely sexy fic with a fun and almost magical quality. Loved it.

Title: Five Very Good Reasons Not to Date Luthors
Author: [ profile] seperis | favicon seperis
Pairing(s): Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,835
Content/Notes: established relationship
Summary: There are solid reasons.
Funny and sexy and sweet!

Title: Freud
Author: favicon Teland
Pairing(s): Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,993
Content/Notes: underage
Summary: Clark is figuring some things out.
Lovely, sexy little fic with Clark trying to learn how to fly, and sort of outing his powers to Lex in the process.

Title: Sparks
Author: [ profile] seperis & [ profile] rageprufrock
Pairing(s): Clark/Lex, mention of past Lex/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,574
Content/Notes: drunk!sex
Summary: Clark has bunk beds and he still has no idea what to make of that.
Fun fic with Lex taking Clark to a strip club. Clark definitely like the girls there, but he likes Lex more. :D

Title: let me take your heart, love you in the dark (part 4 in the Of Magic and Monsters Series)
Author: favicon venomedveins
Pairing: Agron/Nasir, background Pietros/OMC, Auctus/Duro, Crixus/Naevia, Mira/Spartacus, implied Pietros/Barca, past Agron/Duro
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23,500
Content/Warnings: AU: Fairy Tale & Fantasy, creature!fic, magic!nasir, werewolf!agron, arranged marriage, rough sex, bottom!nasir, MPREG, mention of past sibling incest
Summary: Nasir is given to Agron through an arranged marriage as payment for safe passage through Agron's kingdom. Cultures and magical powers clash as the two try to adjust to their life and Agron's father pressure to create a new heir.
Enjoying the hell out of this series, and this was a wonderful update! Loved seeing Agron and Nasir's relationship grow and develop, and it was nice seeing the snapshots of the other characters as they prepare to go to war.
12 October 2014 @ 10:00 am
This all could have fit into the last post, but it looked weird with eight LJ-cuts for the different fandoms, so here is part two of my multi-fandom recs!

Smallville: Clark/Lex )

Star Trek: Kirk/Spock )

Star Trek RPF: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto )

Thor: Loki/Thor )
29 July 2014 @ 09:57 am
I was obsessed with Smallville when I was in High School. Tom Welling was just so dreamy and I think Smallville was probably the first TV show I religiously followed. I own the entire series on DVD and re-watching them made me a bit desperate for some Clark/Lex fic. And, of course, I discover that the fandom used to be pretty huge back in the day and while I am super happy I have all this lovely fic to read, I'm kind of bummed I missed out on joining in while the show was still airing. I would have been all about that fandom. Anyway, here are some of my favorite reads.

In the Notes section of each entry I have different tags, so if you are looking for something specific (like "underage" for example) just ctrl+f and enter your tag and it should highlight the relevant entries!

♥ = favorite

updated October 13, 2015

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