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I have a few different rec lists, so here is a handy-dandy post linking you to all of them. Be warned, I am a huge fan of smut and almost all of my recs are rated R or NC-17, so if you are looking for lower-rated fics, this is not the place for you. This is also almost exclusively slash pairings, though every once in awhile a het pairing manages to sneak its way in there.

I've recently started dabbling in fanfic writing, so if you're interested, you can find that HERE.

If you are curious about my likes/dislikes/preferences in fic because you want to make me something (or because you're just nosy), you can find those HERE.

Click HERE for my friending policy.

If any of the links are broken, please let me know!

Harry Potter Fandom
Harry/Draco Rec Masterlist
Harry Potter Rec Masterlist (multiple non-H/D pairings)
Art Recs

Teen Wolf Fandom
Derek/Stiles Rec Masterlist
Teen Wolf Rec Masterlist (multiple non-Sterek pairings)

Other Fandoms
The Avengers Recs (multiple pairings, mostly Steve/Tony)
Check, Please! Recs (multiple slash pairings, mostly Eric/Jack)
The Dresden Files (all Harry/John)
Heroes Recs (multiple slash pairings, mostly Peter/Nathan)
The Hobbit Recs (all Bilbo/Thorin)
Hunger Games Recs (multiple pairings, mostly Katniss/Peeta)
Inception Recs (all Arthur/Eames)
James Bond Recs (all Bond/Q)
Kingsman Recs (all Eggsy/Harry)
Lord of the Rings Recs (multiple slash pairings)
Merlin Recs (multiple slash pairings, mostly Arthur/Merlin)
Percy Jackson Recs (multiple slash pairings)
The Raven Cycle Recs (all Adam/Ronan)
Shadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments Recs (multiple slash pairings, mostly Alec/Magnus)
Sherlock (BBC) Recs (all John/Sherlock)
Smallville Recs (all Clark/Lex)
A Song of Ice and Fire Recs (multiple pairings)
Spartacus Recs (all Agron/Nasir)
Star Trek (AOS) Recs (all Kirk/Spock)
Starfighter Fic Recs (multiple slash pairings, mostly Abel/Cain)
Thor Recs (all Loki/Thor)
The Vampire Diaries Recs (all Alaric/Damon)
X-Men Recs (all Charles/Erik)
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29 November 2015 @ 09:00 am
In between bouts of writing and proofing for [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest and [ profile] hd_erised, I spent November reading through various fandoms. Normally I would probably separate some of these recs out into different posts, but since it's nearing the end of the month, I figured I'd just lump them all together. :)

Title: Driving Me Wild
Author: favicon nautilicious
Pairing(s): Eric/Jack
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,561
Summary: Bittle swings his leg over the seat, his thighs spreading open. Jack swallows. (Or, Jack sees Bitty on a motorcycle and it ignites his pants pretty much on the spot.)
Oh this was so fantastic! Bitty on a motorcycle was amazing, and Jack's reaction were perfect.

Title: gonna wanna make it move
Author: favicon buchanan
Pairing(s): Eric/Jack
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 8,173
Content/Warnings: fake/pretend relationship, thanksgiving, holiday!fic
Summary: He spends so much time thinking ahead--being careful, holding onto everything so tightly with his shaking hands--that it’s easy to forget that he’s an honest to god dipshit.
Really sweet fic with pretend dating and Jack realizing that maybe he deserves to have Bitty for real.

Title: Helpless
Author: [ profile] emmagrant01 | favicon emmagrant01
Pairing(s): Eric/Jack, background Lardo/Shitty
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 19,763
Content/Warnings: shower!sex, rimming, implied switching
Summary: “So we should ask Bits and Lardo to come with us to New York,” Shitty said.
Jack turned to look at him, frowning. “Seriously?”
“Yeah, man. I mean, I know this was supposed to be just you and me, but… We both know those two are gonna be part of our lives after graduation. It’d just be like. Getting a head start on it.”
Oh this is so perfect! Loved all of them going on a trip to New York and finally making their moves. The characterizations were perfect here, and the connection between Bitty and Jack was fantastic. Super fucking hot, and just a really satisfying and believable fic.

Title: All Saints
Author: favicon shortlimbs
Pairing(s): Eric/Jack, background Dex/Nursey
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 21,532
Content/Warnings: shared bed, halloween!fic
Summary: Halloween; when even the most fractured families come together. Truly, the most wonderful time of the year.
Oh my goodness this is so freaking adorable! Takes place during the beginning of Bitty's senior year, and I just loved the relationships between everybody here. All the characters felt so believable, and the developing relationship between Eric and Jack was especially lovely.

Title: Exeunt, Pursued By Heteronormativity
Author: favicon psocoptera
Pairing(s): Eric/Jack & Lardo/Shitty, sort of Eric/Jack/Lardo/Shitty
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 35,786
Content/Warnings: outsider POV, het
Summary: Shitty Knight takes a post-graduation road trip. Four friends, six thousand miles, two tents, several embarrassing photos, a giant rabbit, three cops, and a bear.
Really interesting and well written fic. I loved Shitty's POV and the connection between him and Lardo and Jack and Bitty and all of them together was wonderful. I thought Lardo's character was wonderfully characterized, and this fic has one of the best polyamorous-type relationships I've read. Hard to describe, but I really enjoyed.

Title: Lose It
Author: favicon stubbornjerk
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,409
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!adam
Summary: “I can’t believe y’said that,” Adam whispered, eyes still closed. There was a small smile on his lips. Ronan pushed himself up to kiss it.
“I can’t believe you get turned on by romantic shit,” Ronan muttered in reply, kissing Adam’s jaw.
Gorgeous and super hot fic!

Title: Roses Between My Thighs
Author: favicon Jamesina
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,162
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!ronan, first time
Summary: Four things that could have ruined them but didn't.
Beautifully written fic and a wonderful connection between Adam and Ronan.

Title: Seven Times Nasir and Agron Failed at Goat Farming, and Seven Times They Didn’t
Author: [ profile] aldiara | favicon aldiara
Pairing: Agron/Nasir
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,400
Content/Warnings: established relationship, implied bottom!nasir
Summary: As it turns out, goats are hard work and entirely too fond of violent home invasion. 14 goat farm drabbles.
I really need all of the goat-farmer-Nagron fics in my life. This one was brilliant, and I adored all of the snapshots of Nasir and Agron's life after the war (with their goats).

Title: Do Not Wake
Author: [ profile] aldiara | favicon aldiara
Pairing: Agron/Nasir
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,519
Content/Warnings: established relationship, intergluteal sex, somnophilia, dirty talk, bottom!nasir, post-sex fingering *for me
Summary: It’s late at night and Agron is fucking tired. Nasir is hard to resist, though, even when he’s fast asleep.
Super fabulous somnophilia fic that manages to be dead sexy, and funny, and romantic, and perfectly in character all at once!

Title: The Solace of Day Break
Author: [ profile] einfach_mich | favicon einfach_mich
Pairing: Agron/Nasir
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,111
Content/Warnings: bottom!nasir
Summary: Nasir worries for Agron's safety and wonders at the meaning of a certain kiss.
Great fic that takes place mid season two after that first kiss and shows the possible evolution of their relationship following Agron's return. Sexy and sweet.

Title: Tearing at the Threads
Author: [ profile] 1lostoneficspot | favicon 1lostone
Pairing(s): James T. Kirk/Spock, past Spock/Uhura, mention of past Kirk/OFCs
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 21,351
Content/Warnings: bottom!kirk
Summary: Spock and Jim crash-land on a planet, and Jim (rather predictably) is hurt, forcing Spock to confront certain truths that can't possibly be logical.
This was a wonderful fic. We've got hurt!Jim and pining and jealousy and broken bonds that all get resolved with some gooey feels and super hot sex!

Title: Our Memories Are Numbered
Author: favicon rufflefeather
Pairing(s): Stiles/Derek
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23,105
Warnings: memory loss, rimming, implied bottom!stiles
Summary: Stiles’ Jeep grinds to a halt, he sees someone running through the rain, he's not expecting it to be Derek. He's not expecting a Derek without any memories either, or an Alpha pack that's coming for all of them. He probably should've, because lately nothing goes the way he expects.
This is great! Love the amnesia trope here, and how it really makes for a softer, more open Derek. It was cool seeing what he might be like without his past weighing him down, and the connection between Derek and Stiles is electric. Interesting take on the Alpha pack, and overall just a really satisfying and sexy read.

Title: tricks or treats (Part 6 of the Domestic Series )
Author: [ profile] thepsychicclam | favicon thepsychicclam
Pairing(s): Stiles/Derek, background Allison/Scott, Melissa/Sheriff, Isaac/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 17,587
Content/Warnings: established relationship, kid!fic, implied switching, shower!sex, dad!derek, dad!stiles, halloween!fic, holiday!fic
Summary: It's Halloween, and Derek and Stiles are dealing with rambunctious Pack kids, a preteen crisis, PTA meetings, and a six year old's meltdown.
Such a sweet update to the series! I liked getting to see more of Gil, and the kids being a little older was super cute. Just some happy fluff to make you smile. :)

Title: Kiss With a Fist
Author: [ profile] ellensmithee | favicon Ellen Smithee
Pairing(s): Alaric/Damon
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,196
Content/Warnings: hate!sex
Summary: A missing scene after Alaric punches Damon at the Grill (1x17 "Let the Right One In").
Hot little ficlet with hate!sex in an alley. :D

Title: Blood of My Blood
Author: [ profile] ellensmithee | favicon Ellen Smithee
Pairing(s): Damon/Stefan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,016
Content/Warnings: sibling incest, blood play
Summary: Damon and Stefan work out an issue or two.
Hot little ficlet with hate!sex in an alley. :D
24 November 2014 @ 10:00 am
I used to watch Vampire Diaries fairly regularly and was a pretty staunch Damon/Elena shipper. I stopped watching sometime last season (I didn't have as much free time and I just got bored) and while I still love Delena, I've found that when I ship I adore is canon, I don't really have an interest in reading fic. It might just be the case with my het ships, or with ships that I wasn't already reading by the time the become canon. Who knows.

Either way, [ profile] lauren3210 recced a Damon/Alaric fic for Rectober, and I quickly read as much as I could get my hands on. Here are my favorites. :D

In the Notes section of each entry I have different tags, so if you are looking for something specific (like "vampire turning" for example) just ctrl+f and enter your tag and it should highlight the relevant entries!

♥ = favorite

updated November 25, 2015

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