10 July 2014 @ 11:54 am
[ profile] hpholiday's Fantastic Men and Where to find Them fest is posting. I think it's going to be a smaller fest, but so far the submissions have been lovely. I just wanted to do a quick rec of this really wonderful Luna/Rolf fic that posted a few days ago. It's het and not explicit (two things I basically never read in HP) so the fact that I am reccing it here should let you know how much I liked this! :)

Title: A Pleasure to Meet You
Author: ???
Pairing: Luna/Rolf
Word Count: ~ 1,843
Rating: PG-13 (I think PG is probably more accurate)
Content/Notes: het, hp holiday fantastic men fest 2014
Summary: There were many times Luna and Rolf nearly met throughout the years, and who knows how things might have gone if they had then. But Fate thwarted them many times…
I really recommend you read this, even if you aren't into this pairing, or into het at all. Nothing explicit, and it really is just such a wonderfully sweet story that feels so incredibly believable. Luna and Rolf are captured so beautifully here and each little missed meeting feels so natural and builds up until you just want them to meet so badly. It's a quick read and really worth it! :D
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