04 March 2015 @ 10:10 am
Can I just talk about something that bugs me real quick? For me, fics that follow along with canon event in any fandom, are Canon AUs. Because it isn't actually canon, it's canon in an alternate universe of what could happen. Alternatively, fics that take place in the canon world, but don't follow canon events (like in Merlin fics where Merlin never came to Camelot, or grew up with the Druids, etc.) wouldn't be Canon AUs, they'd be Camelot AUs, alternate universes that take place in the Camelot world, but do not follow canon events. But nobody seems to agree with my way of seeing things, and most places refer to the fics in this list as "Canon AUs". C'est la vie.

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updated April 20, 2015

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