22 September 2015 @ 01:46 pm
In case you missed it, [ profile] lauren3210 and I started up a super low-key, low-stress [ profile] online_bookclub comm. We've got a poll up now to decide which book to read for our first month in October. It should be lots of fun, so come join and vote if you think you may be interested!
17 September 2015 @ 10:00 am
Some of you may remember me posting awhile back, lamenting the fact that I had nobody to discuss books with anymore, and that made me sad. I tossed out the idea of potentially doing some kind of online book club, and several of ya'll expressed interest, so [ profile] lauren3210 and I decided to start one up!

We created a comm, [ profile] online_bookclub, and anybody who is potentially interested should definitely join up! The plan is to read a book every month, with a rotating monthly theme and book nominations/votes so that everybody can help decide what to read. And then we'll have discussions at the end of the month on LJ posts and in chat rooms so we can talk all about what we've read. It's all meant to be super casual, with people joining it whenever they have the time/desire to participate. Though obviously, the more the merrier!

First Month Starts in October!

Hope to see you over there!