31 July 2014 @ 09:51 am
Teen Wolf fic I read and loved this month! It's always interesting to be reading fic while the show is airing, especially when people post "fix-it" fic, my favorite! I've mixed feelings so far on this season. it started out pretty good, but the past two episodes were kind of meh for me. And I'm really not looking forward to the Braeden/Derek thing. I don't think they've had much chemistry in their interactions so far, and I'm not really loving that particular actress for that particular role. Plus Derek needs to stop fucking people and maybe focus on himself for a bit. Though I would be 100% on board with Braeden hooking up with Chris...

Anyways, here is some fantastic fic!

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05 November 2013 @ 04:23 pm
This is a list of my Teen Wolf Rare Pair Recs, which means the main pairing is not Stiles/Derek (but they might be a secondary pairing).

In the Warnings section of each entry I have different tags, so if you are looking for something specific (like "underage" for example) just ctrl+f and enter your tag and it should highlight the relevant entries!

♥ = favorite

updated April 27, 2016

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